Youth Clarifying Facial

Recommended for students. Treatment tailored for teenage skin. Control excessive oil and sebum secretion, giving you a refreshing feel.

(Disclaimer: Results may vary)

Refresh Aroma Facial

Pamper yourself with a cleansing facial that uses true premium grades of aromatic oil, with pressure point massage to soothe and relax your tired skin and achieved a clearer and brighter complexion.

(Disclaimer: Results may vary)

Relaxing Moisture Facial

Relax with this non-abrasive exfoliation treatment that thoroughly removes dulling surface debris, dramatically improving skin texture. Treatment also incorporates pressure-point facial massage and replenishing mask that increases skin hydration level, leaving skin feeling soft and youthful

(Disclaimer: Results may vary)

Environmental Control Facial

Indulge in a soothing, skin-protecting treatment which is ideal for sensitive skin as it builds up the barrier function of the skin.

(Disclaimer: Results may vary)

Whitening Facial

Clarify and brighten your complexion by eliminating spots and smooth away uneven skin tone areas leaving you with radiant and fairer skin.

(Disclaimer: Results may vary)

Collagen Facial

Luxurious facial concentrated with precious vitamin and collagen which dramatically boosts the skin’s hydration level leaving your skin hydrated, supple and glowing. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)