Hydrating Eye Treatment

Treatment hydrates the delicate area around the eyes to help restore to its optimum appearance by diminishing fine lines. It reduces the appearance of swelling around the eyes, puffiness and helps to tighten the skin while delivering a glow effect to the eye area. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

Anti-Stress Eye Treatment

A revitalizing treatment for the vulnerable area under the eye, diminishing the look of puffiness and signs of fatigue. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

Diamond Tone Treatment

Treatment that gently and thoroughly removes dead skin cells with no pain or discomfort. Skin will appear softer, smoother, brighter, clearer and younger looking. Blotchiness and uneven skin tones and texture will be improved.

(Disclaimer: Results may vary)

Eye Bag Reduction Treatment

Treatment aims to lift up the thin layer of subcutis and enhance the circulation at the eye area to prevent dark circle and puffiness. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)

Eye Contour Lifting Treatment

The ionized eye treatment enables fast and visible lifting result for firmer and tighter skin. Effectively drains the puffiness under the eyelids, stimulate the tissues to give a fresh definition to the eye contour.

(Disclaimer: Results may vary)