Body Wellness

Hot Blanket Services

Hot blanket generates sweating and stimulates body circulation system. It helps to expel excessive fluid and induce body detoxification process. A combination of detox and slimming effect. Best for people with a sedentary life style.

Paraffin Hand Treatment

Using Vitamin E rich paraffin wax to help preserved hydration in skin which stimulates the regaining of skin firmness and elasticity. Results in soft and supple skin.

Ear Candling + Head Massage

Pain relieve for ear and head region. Improve sense of smell and free nasal breathing. Improve circulation of lymphatic system. A good mental stress relieve treatment for everyone.

Smoothing Body Polish

Treatment gently exfoliates the skin, leaving skin perfectly soft.

Back Treatment (Acne)

Effective reduction of acne and scars.

Full Body Wrap & Slimming Treatment

Ease body pains and aches. Utilizes mud from the Dead Sea to detoxify, remineralize and moisture the skin.